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In order to be successful in crypto currency trading, you need not only the important knowledge about the current crypto currency course/list, but also the latest crypto currency news. You always have to stay up to date to be really successful in trading a crypto currency. The basic technical knowledge is quite complex, at least ...continue reading "Acting like a Pro with Cryptocurrency"

Turkey prohibits Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from being used as a means of payment. This is the government's way of reacting to the increasing demand for Bitcoin in many areas like gambling - which is admittedly homemade: Because the country is drifting deeper and deeper into inflation. Turkey's central bank is banning cryptocurrencies from being ...continue reading "Turkey prohibits Bitcoins"

What does CFD mean? CFDs are a form of derivative trading in which an attempt is made to make a profit by speculating on rising or falling prices in international financial markets or financial products such as currencies, government bonds, indices and stocks or commodities. The CFD, a Contract of Difference, is a highly speculative ...continue reading "Bitcoin CFD and Futures Trading – Not for Wimps"

The crypto currency fell at times below 11,000 dollars - and thus around 3000 dollars within 24 hours. The Bitcoin remains true to itself and its extreme price fluctuations: After the Bitcoin had continued its flight of fancy late on Wednesday evening at first and had risen to just below the 14,000 dollar mark, it ...continue reading "Bitcoin Falls By 3000 Dollars – And Starts To Recover"

Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Keep Conquering Online Casino Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular, not least because cryptocurrencies are on everyone's lips today and are being used by more and more people. In short, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are virtual money, money that only exists in digital form. Since the Bitcoin rate is constantly changing, it is ...continue reading "All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Casinos"

On this page I collected knowledge about the exciting crypto world, no technical frills, just information that helped me to find my entry. So if you're seeking a practical shortcut into the world of cryptocurrencies and how to make money trading them, this page might help you a lot to get started as quickly as ...continue reading "Bitcoin & Altcoin and Trading for Dummies – A Guide to Making Money"

Transaction Platforms Yet another improvement which has found many retailers joining the bit-coin area enmasse is the usage of the electronic money by obligations system suppliers. These firms provide organizations the capacity to readily take payments from clients with various means, including credit/bank cards and PayPal. What's promising for the crypto community is that they're ...continue reading "Established Bitcoin Online Services"

The Baidu search engine has gently eliminated advertisements for Bitcoin and all other types of digital money from its internet service. China is one of the 2 states with the biggest BTC industry, indicating a growing wariness in the growth of online fraudsters. The countrys most well-known search engine suspended crypto currency advertising from Thursday, ...continue reading "Leading Search Engine In China Halts Bitcoin Ads Without Warning"

Bitcoin is an international payment solution that may be used for any products or services. Albeit it isn't as prevalent as it could be, since taking cryptocurrency the adult business has found average success. VR porn sites, on the other hand, are willing to take payments that are Bitcoin by the appearance of stuff. VR ...continue reading "Bitcoin Is Gaining Traction Among VR Pornography Studios"