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In a hack attack on one of the world's largest crypto currency exchanges, Bitcoin worth 36 million euros was captured. This affects the Malta-based trading platform Binance, which is considered one of the most important in the industry. Its head Zhao Changpeng said on Wednesday via Twitter that customers would be compensated via a security ...continue reading "One Of The Largest Bitcoin Exchanges Becomes Victim Of A Hacker Attack"

Turkey prohibits Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from being used as a means of payment. This is the government's way of reacting to the increasing demand for Bitcoin in many areas like gambling - which is admittedly homemade: Because the country is drifting deeper and deeper into inflation. Turkey's central bank is banning cryptocurrencies from being ...continue reading "Turkey prohibits Bitcoins"

The third Bitcoin Halving took place in the evening hours of May 11. The most important thing about "halving". Bitcoin Course (BTC) and the Halving The Bitcoin Halving seemed to be pricing itself into the Bitcoin course within a few days. Thus, the price of the largest crypto currency by market capitalization started a rally ...continue reading "Bitcoin (BTC) after the Halving: Will Brazil bring the course rally?"

What does CFD mean? CFDs are a form of derivative trading in which an attempt is made to make a profit by speculating on rising or falling prices in international financial markets or financial products such as currencies, government bonds, indices and stocks or commodities. The CFD, a Contract of Difference, is a highly speculative ...continue reading "Bitcoin CFD and Futures Trading – Not for Wimps"

Hardly any other topic from the financial world has occupied people as much in recent months as trading the Bitcoin. Many did not understand the first messages, approximately at all around the Hype and had to inform first about crypto currencies. Media tried to report balanced and could not hide thereby always their own opinion. ...continue reading "Earn Money with BTC"

Regulation and investing in Bitcoin, Libra and other crypto currencies was again a very hot topic in the past days. After statements of US President Donald Trump and US Federal Reserve Chief Powell, politicians in Germany and all over Europe have expressed themselves on this topic. These opinions swing since some US senators statements again ...continue reading "Bitcoin legal in China – Huangzhou court declares Bitcoin virtual property"

In order to be successful in crypto currency trading, you need not only the important knowledge about the current crypto currency course/list, but also the latest crypto currency news. You always have to stay up to date to be really successful in trading a crypto currency. The basic technical knowledge is quite complex, at least ...continue reading "Acting like a Pro with Cryptocurrency"

In the Bitcoin network, the number of transactions in the Mempool has decreased. There is also a new version of C-Lightning. Latest news from the Bitcoin cosmos for crypto trading.  According to the latest Bitcoin Optech newsletter, the number of transactions in Bitcoin's Mempool has shrunk a hundredfold in the last week. In other ...continue reading "Bitcoin Tech-News: New Lightning Version"