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Bitcoin & Altcoin and Trading for Dummies – A Guide to Making Money

On this page I collected knowledge about the exciting crypto world, no technical frills, just information that helped me to find my entry. So if you're seeking a practical shortcut into the world of cryptocurrencies and how to make money trading them, this page might help you a lot to get started as quickly as possible.

For the next few years, Bitcoin is forecasting prices of 30,000 to 50,000, or even more. John McAfee, the programmer of the well-known anti-virus software, even sees the price at half a million over the next three years. In the meantime, cryptocurrencies are also becoming mainstream-compatible and the media which have recently been used in the usual o-tone: finger away, dangerous, risk, bubble, total loss etc .... warned, swing slowly around nice.

For us it would definitely make sense to own a few of these ominous things, because then it might not bother us in a few years, especially if the well-known pension and life insurances go bankrupt.

A Few Infos In Advance

Bitcoin can not be banned!

Governments are still partially trying, but it will not work if it is not possible to plug in over 40 million computers. Even the much-vaunted regulation will not be as the banks, governments and business magnates would like. Bitcoin is a people-to-people currency and was designed to give our money real value, instead of being manipulated by rulers for their own purposes.

The Bitcoin is cash 2.0

By the way: Do not confuse Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash (sometimes also called BCash) – the latter is trash.

In whatever form, over the next 5-10 years, blockchain technology will have abolished and replaced today's money. This may seem very strange to us, but the quiet cash abolition, dissolution of banking secret and the like, shows where it goes. Bitcoin is taking these things a long way, and sooner or later governments will have to go along with it, whether it suits them or not.

Of course, that's why millions and billions are being invested in blockchain technology, so they hope to win the race against time to program their own, controllable bank coin.

If you want to dive deeper here, his book "Bitcoin - Money without a State" is highly recommended.

The book is super easy written, without much to go into the technical background.

One reader wrote about the following recession:

With this book, my previous avoidance attitude to the topic Bitcoin opposite unfortunately could no longer be maintained.

Aaron Koenig knows how to start the curiosity and not let the tension thread break.
How did it come to Bitcoin, what is the philosophy behind it, responding to counter arguments - everything is presented in an entertaining way.
And then you want to absorb everything immediately in one night. Has not had this feeling for a long time.

Incidentally, you also get an excellent preparation of the Austrian School of Economics, which I have seen somewhere in such a short and concise form. Are Bitcoins now the entry into a change in the balance of power by building an alternative currency system? Can freedom-loving people create a new world of finance? Is there a peaceful disempowerment of the powerful by building a non-violent parallel universe with new blockchain technology?

Continuing employment with this technology of the future can no longer be avoided. Read more about it at

And so you know where the trip is going you should also watch this latest video from NTV.

Rarely have I heard such a public, clear statement about future price developments .... Worth seeing! No, actually absolute duty

Trading with coins

One of the best sources for new traders who don't have any experiences with trading yet is the ebook guide for altcoin trading newbies recommended by coinspeaker.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Bittrex is one of the largest trading centers for Altcoins, and almost every coin is tradable here. After logging in, you load up a bit on the local Bitcoin wallet, and then you're ready to go. And of course we should shop at low prices and sell at high prices.

But if you buy a few good coins for a small amount of money, you can easily wait until you have risen. Finding out which coins have this potential is quite another thing here.

On Coinmarketcap you can find all the coins and also the information about the website, the stock exchanges where they are tradable, the news, etc. The whitepaper should be read to find out about the purpose of the coin.

Anyone who can not or does not want to spend time here can, of course, get an overview in various FB groups or internet forums. But also here you should bring time.

Trading Signals

What do I buy? When do I buy and when do I sell?

The most important questions in general, because they decide on profit or loss. Although there are many info videos on chart analysis on YouTube, but who has no motivation here to spend hours learning and learning this work can also be left to the professionals and buy on various portals this info, then need only then implemented and look forward to the profits.

To always have a good overview of the courses and its coins, I recommend the same as 1000de others the free mobile app Blockfolio.

Remember also, of course, only with so much money to enter, as you could get over as a loss, because of course, the course can also go down times. There is no safety net here and we are responsible for what we do. But the return opportunity is higher.