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Bitcoin Share Price Reaches Annual High

Calendar week 22 proved to be a week that hosted many exciting events. In general, the Kryptoversum is more fun than it has been for a long time. The boredom was officially declared over together with the infamous Crypto-Winter. The Bitcoin course has reached a new high, there are some IOTA news, Bitcoin seems to be so coveted as Bitcoin SV and its dubious creator have long since stopped attracting attention, for Ripple and the XRP course it seems to be going up again and much more.

As every week, Mirco has summarized a whole range of events this week in our CM News. If you don't want to miss this and other exciting formats on YouTube, don't forget to subscribe to our channel afterwards. It's worth it!

Since the interest in trading and buying crypto currencies increases with the rising prices, we have taken a closer look at some stock exchanges and brokers for you, for all those of you who not only want to watch, but also actively get involved.

Bitcoin Future, Ethereum FutureFinding a safe place to trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is becoming increasingly difficult. Every day, new crypto exchanges and brokers are created, which lure with very lucrative offers. But the appearance often clouds and it is much lied and cheated. The innumerable crypto stock market hacks continue to fuel the problem. Therefore a decent and respectable contact point for the purchase and trade of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is needed more than ever. We have therefore compiled a list of trustworthy crypto exchanges, brokers and CFD platforms for you. Go for comparison.

But that's enough of the preface. As usual I have summarized the current Crypto Highlights in the following. Then let us know what were the most exciting or important events for you this week and discuss them together with our community on Telegram.

It's definitely worth stopping by here, too, as our chat is full of experts and professionals who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and look forward to exciting discussions with you.

Bitcoin roller coaster course: BTC breaks through 9,000 mark and crashes

Bitcoin Whale rides with Bitcoin course roller coasterThis evening, the Bitcoin course briefly reached the important mark of 9,000 USD and falls just as rapidly back to the original price of about 8,700 USD. On some stock exchanges it was even possible to reach a price of approx. 9,100 USD. Welcome to the Bitcoin price roller coaster, a phenomenon we have seen more often in this volatile market.

The current trend of the Bitcoin price continues to look positive, but the USD 9,000 mark seems to be a hard chunk. If the USD 9,000 can be breached, the path may be clear up to USD 10,000. However, short-term setbacks should be expected at any time. We have seen in recent weeks how quickly the price can move in both directions, as for example a Bitcoin Whale on Bitstamp caused the Bitcoin price to wobble.