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Earn Money with BTC

Hardly any other topic from the financial world has occupied people as much in recent months as trading the Bitcoin. Many did not understand the first messages, approximately at all around the Hype and had to inform first about crypto currencies.

Media tried to report balanced and could not hide thereby always their own opinion. Critical voices spoke after the rapid ascent of the Bitcoins and many further, digital currencies of an uncertain market and prognosticated a crash, with which the investors would lose much money.

Now potential success models always have it a little hard at the beginning, but who analyzes the trend curve of the Bitcoins once exactly fast notices that the crypto coin brought in within some years an unbelievable net yield for investors. From a few cents of its value, the currency climbed in winter 2017 to the magic limit of 20,000 euros, which surprised even experts.

Panicked, many investors sold their coins in the course of the Christmas business because they did not plan long-term and believed in success. As a result, the price temporarily collapsed, but was able to recover long ago. It is even predicted that the Bitcoin could one day be worth far more than 100,000 euros if the technology of the blockchain is refined.

Now you want to know if you can earn money with Bitcoin? The answer is YES. However, when making money with Bitcoin you should know some basic knowledge about crypto currencies, blockchain and investment strategies. Read more about this topic in this post:

Where can I buy Bitcoins?

In the beginning, the coins floundered in the shallows of the net and served to exchange goods or services. Meanwhile, the Bitcoins have also arrived on the standardized trading centers of the world. Some banks in Germany make it possible for you to make money easier with Bitcoin by offering you Bitcoins for sale.

  • A frequently used provider in this field is the Fidor Bank, headquartered in Munich, which focuses more on online banking and modern financial solutions. This gives you a secure way to get to Bitcoins. You can also buy Bitcoins on trading platforms like
  • In the meantime, however, you have to verify yourself everywhere in several stages to start earning money with Bitcoin and Co (-> Usually, a copy of your passport and bank account details are sufficient to confirm your authenticity. Here the state wants to put a stop to the money laundering factor in particular. Another solution for the purchase of coins is Coinbase. Coinbase is an international platform that supports the acquisition of Bitcoins.
  • However, the guidelines and rights on international platforms can generally be somewhat more limited. It is difficult to settle possible disputes abroad. Experts therefore recommend that if you want to make money with Bitcoin, you should rely better on German or European solutions.

Earn money with Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Investment Strategy is by far the best online video course on Bitcoin and Co. that I have seen on the internet so far. The clear and easy to understand language with the simple instructions makes it super easy for me as a beginner to get into Bitcoin. Thanks to Marco Lachmann-Anke for the great support.

Making money with Bitcoin sounds easy, but there are a few aspects you should keep in mind so that you don't end up facing a fait accompli. It is often reported that your Bitcoins could be stolen if hackers steal them from you. New users in some parts of the digital currency get too many and wrong ideas, in others they act with the greatest security risk instead.

After you buy your Bitcoins, you need to keep them safe so that you can start earning money with them. It is important not to allow unauthorized access to your Bitcoins. In some cases, this also applies to dubious platforms that promise you a virtual account. If this account is still abroad, the chance of a hacker attack is huge. Usually Bitcoins are stationed in a wallet.

If you are serious about making money with Bitcoin, using a wallet is essential. The wallet is nothing more than your digital wallet. Your Bitcoin is protected from external access by a secure number code in the digital wallet. It is enough if you know the number code and write it down, so you can keep your wallet on paper, but don't forget how many Bitcoins are currently on your wallet. Practical apps like Blockchain also allow you to run a digital wallet on your smartphone.

You can also earn money while playing arcade games. Check the page Lnarcade for an overview.

Invest only the money you can actually do without

Anyone who wants to make money with Bitcoin and Co is interested in making fast and high profits, but this is not possible without losses. Be aware that if you want to invest in currencies of any kind, you have to take the loss into account. As you can see from the trend curves, the Bitcoin is subject to fluctuations of a political or financial and global nature.

So you may not only win money, but also lose some. If you have to budget with your money and every cent counts, you better think twice about whether an investment is worthwhile for you. According to the current status, the investment in the Bitcoin is worth it in any case. Nevertheless, put only as much money into this concept as you can spare, so that in the worst case you don't have to sit on losses. Analyze the market and act in advance if possible.

As with many investments, you must always keep an eye on the movements of the market. Making money with Bitcoin depends on technological advances and innovations. Innovations in the blockchain, for example, can cause the Bitcoin price to explode overnight. This means being clever and investing in time to generate the highest possible returns. An analysis of technology trends will take you further and show you in which direction the Bitcoin could tend in the future. The financial markets worldwide can also be good indicators to track movements.

The bottom line on making money with Bitcoins:

1. There are risk free ways to get BTC, read more at Infobeat.

2. Crypto currencies are clever investment products with potential. Once you have understood how the crypto currency is structured, what a blockchain is, where you can buy and trade your Bitcoins safely and who offers you a wallet, nothing stands in the way of earning money with Bitcoin.