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In its tenth year Bitcoin has started a new attempt and since the beginning of the year has recorded a double-digit percentage price increase from USD 3,766 to USD 5,290 (as of 18 April). Since its peak of USD 19,290 in December 2017, the crypto currency had lost very much in value until the beginning of the year. But is Bitcoin now celebrating its comeback?

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Bitcoin still dominates the crypto market

Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency and the leading crypto currency in terms of market value, total market capitalisation and number of transactions. Bitcoin currently dominates the crypto currency market with a market capitalisation of USD 93 billion and a market share of around 50%. Ethereum - the second largest crypto currency - has a market share of only about 10% at a price of USD 171.00. According to CoinMarketCap, there are 2,126 crypto currencies in total.

The first Bitcoin was mined on 3 January 2009 and was first listed on a crypto exchange in October 2009 at a price of USD 0.000764 per Bitcoin. On May 22, 2010, the first commercial transaction with Bitcoin was carried out, in which a programmer bought two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins at a price of USD 0.0025 per Bitcoin. Today this amount of Bitcoin would be worth about USD 53 million. Since then, more than 400 million transactions have been carried out with Bitcoin and the number of transactions per day is currently around 400,000.

The Bitcoin price has also risen dramatically. In February 2011, a Bitcoin reached the equivalence of one US dollar for the first time. In March 2017, the price for a Bitcoin was above the spot price for an ounce of gold for the first time. On December 17, 2017 the Bitcoin reached its highest level of USD 19,290. The increase in transactions as well as the price increase since the beginning make the Bitcoin very volatile.

After the massive price slide last year, Bitcoin has now started a new attempt and since the beginning of the year has recorded a price gain of USD 3,766 to USD 5,290 (as of 18 April). Since its high of USD 19.290 in December 2017, the crypto currency had lost very much in value until the beginning of the year. But the Bitcoin could now celebrate its comeback.

Upcoming "Halving" is course driver

The next halving is about to take place, which is a built-in deflationary mechanism to create an artificial shortage of bit coin and avoid inflation. Those who provide computing power for the provision of transactions are rewarded with Bitcoins. However, in order to avoid too many bitcoins being in circulation, this remuneration is halved at regular intervals. When the unknown founder Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin at the beginning of 2009, he was paid 50 Bitcoins. After almost four years, the pay was halved to 25 Bitcoins.

The last halving to 12.5 Bitcoins took place in July 2016. In future, mining will be rewarded with only 6.25 Bitcoins from 24 May 2020. This artificially reduces the Bitcoin supply in order to stabilise the price of the Bitcoin. Halving will end in 2140 when the maximum number of 21 million Bitcoins has been reached. This halving is already priced into the Bitcoin price. When the last halving took place in July 2016, this resulted in the largest price rally to date.

In addition, some Bitcoin supporters took some of their profits last year and would now return to the market. A Bitcoin order weighing USD 100 million seems to confirm this. In addition, there are constant technical improvements that are also driving demand.

How to participate in the price rally?

The upcoming Halvings could be used as an entry point into the Bitcoin. Initial analyst estimates predict a strong rise in the Bitcoin price around the coming halving. But even with an expectation of a moderate price increase, investors with an open-end participation certificate on Bitcoin can still rely on this outlook without owning Bitcoins themselves.

Participation certificates

As the further development of the share price depends on a number of factors relating to Group policy, the sector and the economy, investors should take the risk into account in their investment decisions. Developments can always be different from investors' expectations, resulting in losses.


Bitcoin is complex. Anyone who has already dipped a little deeper into the rabbit hole knows how many areas of daily life BTC questions.

From scarcity to the power of ideas: Here are five things Bitcoin has taught us.

1. real scarcity can only exist in the digital realm

The scarcity of goods is the most fundamental premise in economics. If there were enough of everything, we would not have to worry about a fair and efficient distribution of resources.

This applies in particular to funds. Who would be prepared to exchange valuable life time for a commodity that exists "like sand on the sea"?

Historical funds could only maintain their function as value stores and means of exchange as long as their users believed in their rarity. Gold has been an established store of value for thousands of years simply because there has hardly been a single period during which the circulating quantity has been significantly watered down - this creates confidence. But even the most established store of value of all time can change quickly. Nobody knows how many tons of gold actually lie dormant beneath the earth's surface. And what if one day asteroid mining becomes reality?

The nice thing about Bitcoin is that all rules in the open source code are transparent. Anyone can verify that the restriction to 21 million units is one of the fundamental rules of the network.

2. money is a collective illusion

"Bitcoin is not covered by anything and will therefore fail." This or something similar is a frequently reproduced accusation against the crypto currency No. 1. Mario Draghi, Chief Economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), summarised the central bank's attitude towards Bitcoin & Co. as follows:

The quote reveals an almost cynical confidence in government currencies. For currencies are simply collective belief systems. One only accepts money if one assumes that everyone else will accept the same money.

Although state laws generally provide for a certain advantage for national - or in the case of the euro pan-European - currencies, the fact is that they are not a guarantee of the same money. But insurance against hyperinflation or the failure of currencies does not offer any law of the world. That is why the average life of fiat currencies is just 27 years.

The euro can also fail. Ultimately, the market will decide which currency system more people trust.

3. money can be anything

Since childhood we have associated paper notes and metal coins with money. But when it came to the choice of money, humanity has been quite creative so far: shells, precious metals, even huge, completely immovable circular stones have served as money throughout history.

  1. The Rai stones also served as money on the Yap Islands of the Ulithi Atoll. The inhabitants transferred the value by entering the ownership into a cash book - very similar to Bitcoin.
  2. Most of the time, it was just as long until someone found out how to water down the circulation and enrich themselves with an exorbitant production of money at the expense of everyone else.
  3. Bitcoin is the attempt to best simulate all the properties that are necessary for good money: The scarcity, divisibility, inflation resistance, censorship resistance, to name just a few of the advantages Bitcoin has over traditional fiat currencies.

As we currently see, money can be anything - including computer code on a global network.

4 Bitcoin is a peaceful revolution

As Bitcoin Researcher @dergigi points out in a post on his own blog, Bitcoin is an attempt to question the status quo in a peaceful way. The crypto currency no. 1 is optimized to question the state monopoly on money creation - and all associated negative externalities - in a completely non-violent way.

Or to put it another way: Bitcoin was created for the purpose of separating state and money.

5. ideas are powerful

Bitcoin's an idea, that's all. The idea of setting up a decentralized system in which all network participants can check all rules that apply in this system at any time. Everyone is free to contribute their own ideas; the code is open source and all participants have the same rights.

As a result, progress is slower than with centralized systems. On the other hand, it can be assumed that updates are supported by a large majority of the participants.

Furthermore, BTC will hardly be banned in democratic states. Because ideas are subject to freedom of expression guaranteed by fundamental rights. The Bitcoin ecosystem moves exclusively on the basis of text: the white paper is written in English and is therefore almost impossible to read.

Calendar week 22 proved to be a week that hosted many exciting events. In general, the Kryptoversum is more fun than it has been for a long time. The boredom was officially declared over together with the infamous Crypto-Winter. The Bitcoin course has reached a new high, there are some IOTA news, Bitcoin seems to be so coveted as Bitcoin SV and its dubious creator have long since stopped attracting attention, for Ripple and the XRP course it seems to be going up again and much more.

As every week, Mirco has summarized a whole range of events this week in our CM News. If you don't want to miss this and other exciting formats on YouTube, don't forget to subscribe to our channel afterwards. It's worth it!

Since the interest in trading and buying crypto currencies increases with the rising prices, we have taken a closer look at some stock exchanges and brokers for you, for all those of you who not only want to watch, but also actively get involved.

Bitcoin Future, Ethereum FutureFinding a safe place to trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is becoming increasingly difficult. Every day, new crypto exchanges and brokers are created, which lure with very lucrative offers. But the appearance often clouds and it is much lied and cheated. The innumerable crypto stock market hacks continue to fuel the problem. Therefore a decent and respectable contact point for the purchase and trade of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is needed more than ever. We have therefore compiled a list of trustworthy crypto exchanges, brokers and CFD platforms for you. Go for comparison.

But that's enough of the preface. As usual I have summarized the current Crypto Highlights in the following. Then let us know what were the most exciting or important events for you this week and discuss them together with our community on Telegram.

It's definitely worth stopping by here, too, as our chat is full of experts and professionals who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and look forward to exciting discussions with you.

Bitcoin roller coaster course: BTC breaks through 9,000 mark and crashes

Bitcoin Whale rides with Bitcoin course roller coasterThis evening, the Bitcoin course briefly reached the important mark of 9,000 USD and falls just as rapidly back to the original price of about 8,700 USD. On some stock exchanges it was even possible to reach a price of approx. 9,100 USD. Welcome to the Bitcoin price roller coaster, a phenomenon we have seen more often in this volatile market.

The current trend of the Bitcoin price continues to look positive, but the USD 9,000 mark seems to be a hard chunk. If the USD 9,000 can be breached, the path may be clear up to USD 10,000. However, short-term setbacks should be expected at any time. We have seen in recent weeks how quickly the price can move in both directions, as for example a Bitcoin Whale on Bitstamp caused the Bitcoin price to wobble.

The duel for the 2018 World Championship is over! Lewis Hamilton has grabbed the next World Champion title. Who will crown themselves in 2019? Will Hamilton get his next title or can his teammate Bottas overthrow him? Can Sebastian Vettel go for the World Championship title or will his new stable colleague Leclerc surprise us? We have the odds for you:

After every single Formula One Grand Prix the score changes. The table below will be updated after each race. Here is the final result of the current Grand Prix. Already after the first races the F1 this season can hardly be surpassed in tension.

News and results

A very important part of our site are Formula 1 news and results. On the right side you will find the latest and most important news from the world of motorsport. In addition to interviews with team bosses, drivers and other officials, special attention is paid to Formula 1 rule changes. After each Formula 1 race in 2017, the results of the individual Grand Prix will also be published here. Here you can also read who drove how fast and how far behind they were. You can also see who was eliminated from the race.

What can you bet on?

In Formula One the bookmakers give you a lot of possibilities to place bets according to your wishes. Right at the beginning there are the Formula 1 World Champions bets, which you can place during the season as well as before the start of the season. If you bet on the winner before the start of the Formula 1 season, then the odds are probably better than during the season.

But you don't have to wait until the world championship is over. Of course you can also bet on the winner of each race. Even before the start of the race, in qualifying and training, you can bet on who will be at the top at the end. By the way, you can also read such data in the Formula 1 App.

Besides these very simple bets, the bookies also offer other very interesting tips in their differentiated programs. With some bookmakers you can make a head-to-head bet.

Here, only the direct comparison of two drivers is used, so you bet which of the two pilots will do better in the race or the world championship.

Top 3 bet as an alternative to the win bet

If you believe in a top position from your favourite driver, but you are not sure whether he wins, a top 3 bet is a good bet. With this bet you simply bet that a pilot will make it to the podium. Another betting option is the team bet, where they bet on the team that has one of the two drivers on the top podium at the end of the race. Of course, you can do the same with MotoGP. MotoGP betting is becoming increasingly popular.

Singapore Grand Prix circuit

At the F1 bookmakers there are of course many more bets you can make. The Bookie Tipico for example offers the possibility to bet on failures and safety car phases.

As with sports betting in general, there are of course a number of things to consider when betting on Formula 1 that have an influence on the most successful bets on F1. On our page we try to show you what should be considered in the run-up to a race and what should be taken into account especially in the important days before the race, i.e. starting with the free practice, in order to be able to predict the winner of the F1 race correctly on Sunday and thus bag one or the other Euro.
From Formula 1 Live Betting to the F1 Live Ticker

Because many people place bets on Formula 1 and other sporting events often without thinking and rather from the gut, we would like to give you some advice on our pages on how to prepare correctly for a bet and what you should not do under any circumstances. Among other things, the latter category includes the popular mistake of trying to recoup a loss immediately and therefore placing further, usually not very well thought-out bets.

Especially the live bets, which have become more and more popular in the recent past, represent a danger in this respect. What is particularly important for live bets, we have also put together for you on a separate subpage. For live bets it is important to always be up to date. With the help of our new Formula 1 Ticker you can get useful information about the race and qualifying and thus prepare yourself optimally for your bets.

Besides football betting, betting on F1 is one of the most popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That's why we have created this page for you. We don't just want to save you, but many betting friends from losses when it comes to betting on Formula 1. From conversations with betting enthusiasts we know that many simply do their own thing and are unfortunately resistant to advice, which often results in high losses if you can set no limits. Therefore, we advise all those who place more or less regular bets on Formula One to take the time to study our portal. Even if a lot is already known about betting on Formula One, one or the other reader might take something useful with him and let it flow into his future bets on Formula One.

Betting on MotoGP

After several successful years as the leading Formula 1 betting information site, we have decided to expand our program. That's why we now have the best MotoGP bets and odds on offer for you. Take a look at the bets and odds on your favourite stars from Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez to Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. Who will be MotoGP World Champion? Who will win the next race? With us you are always top informed about the bets on the premier class of the
Motorcycle racing, the Moto GP.

Of course, in conclusion we would also like to mention that, as with sports betting and gambling in general, there is no patent recipe for sure success in betting on F1, but we believe that the chances of winning can be increased considerably if you take our tips to heart when betting on Formula 1, which refer in particular to extensive preparation.

In a hack attack on one of the world's largest crypto currency exchanges, Bitcoin worth 36 million euros was captured. This affects the Malta-based trading platform Binance, which is considered one of the most important in the industry.

Its head Zhao Changpeng said on Wednesday via Twitter that customers would be compensated via a security fund of the exchange operator. However, no trading will be possible in the next few days as the platform will be subject to a security check.

In the past few years, hackers have repeatedly captured Bitcoin and other crypto currencies from specially designed trading centers. The best known is the attack on the then world's largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt.Gox, at the beginning of 2014. Around 25,000 customers lost around 650,000 Bitcoin. Such theft often plunged the platforms into insolvency.

The 7,000 Bitcoin that Binance has now captured have been stolen using various attack methods in a single transaction, including viruses and phishing, the operator explained. The hackers had waited patiently and had slammed into various seemingly independent accounts in well-coordinated actions.

Last year, hackers worldwide stole crypto currencies worth the equivalent of 850 million euros, according to US security firm CiptherTrace. The amount more than tripled compared to the previous year.

Bitcoin exchange rate the previous day close to 6000 US dollars

The Bitcoin price stock market chart remained unaffected by the hacker attack. A digital coin cost Bitstamp a good one percent more on the stock exchange at 5807 dollars.

Only on Tuesday the Bitcoin had risen to a new annual high of almost 6000 US dollars. On the trading platform Bitstamp 5970 dollars were reached in the peak. This is the highest level since last November. However, the oldest and best-known digital currency is still a long way from reaching its record high of 20,000 dollars at the end of 2017. Is it all just a myth?

Experts named media reports according to which the large American asset manager Fidelity wants to offer the trade with Bitcoin soon as reason media reports. However, the offer will only apply to professional institutional clients. Private investors will be excluded. Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world.

Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It's similar to the well-known and very successful games "League of Legends" or "Dota 2", but you look at the action here from a third-person perspective. To play you need a personal account that levels up even if you play frequently. Your own level has no influence on the InGame level of the individual game rounds.

The object of the game is to form a team of gods to fight and defeat other teams of gods. This is done in an arena or on other maps, where your team destroys the enemy base or reduces their points to zero. In each game round, you can also buy items from gold (the in-game currency in the game) to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Find out more at

Within the team, each player controls a god he could choose beforehand. Here you have the choice between seven different mythologies and five different classes. However, only the gods that you have earned through in-game points or that are currently in free rotation can be selected. The free rotation is a weekly changing selection of gods that is freely available to any player during that time.

As far as merchandising is concerned, there are no books or anything else - but there are clothes such as T-shirts that can be bought at events and on the Internet.

Pedagogical evaluation

This assessment was written by young testers and supplemented by the editorial staff. For beginners there is a tutorial at the beginning, which has to be done to play the right modes. This tutorial explains each map and how to play it, and how to use it all. This is pretty good, because otherwise you would be thrown into the game without basic knowledge. It is generally easier for beginners if they have already had experience with other MOBAs.

Control and graphics

You control the character with the keys WASD, you have the possibility to jump with the space bar and on the keys from 1 to 4 you have your abilities - but you can also change this in the options. Running on WASD is common for PC games controlled by keyboard. The skills are more cumbersome to use because you have to grab with your hand - that means you have to take your fingers off the run keys to cast spells, for example.

  • Smite is supported by Unreal Engine 3
  • Graphically the game is quite well equipped and also the sound is fitting.
  • The game music accompanies you the whole time. In the arenas there are invisible walls, so that you cannot shorten or get off the map.
  • This has no negative factors, as they are simply embellishments at the edge of the map.

Game modes

In the game you have five different game modes that are always fixed and one mode that changes regularly - this is usually a fun mode. The game runs in real time and of course you can't pause the round you are in, otherwise it would also have to be paused for the other players.

So you have a continuous flow of play and a slight time pressure, so you can't take a break during a round as the game continues. So it's difficult to take a little break when you just don't feel like it or don't have time.

Motivation and fascination

Smite (see also offers a lot of variety with the different modes and the different gods and no fight is the same. Since you have to stand up to others permanently, you have the motivation to be better than the others. Another motivation is the general interest in MOBAs and third-person games, as "Smite" is the perfect mixture of both. Another reason could be that there is a certain moment of tension in fights, because it goes in this blow after blow and the player must keep fast reactions and a good overview. The atmosphere tends to be tense as you have to concentrate almost all the time. But there are also moments when there is a relatively good and relaxed atmosphere. And not to be underestimated is the joy when your own team was able to defeat your opponents.

Communication is everything

The player has to plan ahead a lot and communicate well with his fellow players, for example to plan the cooldown of the opponent's abilities and to decide the fight for himself. You also need to keep an eye on your opponents' different movements/actions to know whether they are making a gold mine or "visiting" an ally of your team, for example. Communication therefore plays a major role.

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Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Keep Conquering Online Casino

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular, not least because cryptocurrencies are on everyone's lips today and are being used by more and more people. In short, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are virtual money, money that only exists in digital form.

Since the Bitcoin rate is constantly changing, it is not safe to say whether it is better for you as a player to use Bitcoin as a currency in the online casino or not. Of course, the relative value of all regular currencies also changes, but the volatility is not nearly as dramatic as Bitcoin.

You can buy Bitcoins or "make" yourself by operating the so-called Bitcoin Mining. How this works, you can read on many pages today. The basics are clearly described at Wikipedia.

Bitcoin casinos are no different from other online casinos, except that they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

We've looked more closely at Bitcoin casinos, exploring the pros and cons of this and what you should be careful about when signing up at one of these casinos.

The best Online Casinos that accept Bitcoin

With the increasing popularity of the Bitcoin system in the digital domain, some online casinos have decided to introduce this cryptocurrency as a payment option for their users. If you're excited about the idea of ​​using Bitcoin online and are now looking for the right online casino, then you've come to the right place. We've made a list of the best casinos for bitcoin users, and we've studied them in great detail. You can find the list on

How Bitcoin Casinos Work

Bitcoin casinos offer their users complete anonymity in gambling. Most of the time, the only information you ask for is just your email address. This is necessary for the sole reason that the casino can give its benefit a new password in case it gets lost.

Bitcoin's reputation for using online casinos

The first Bitcoin network was established in 2009. However, Bitcoin entered the mainstream market as a new, modern and independent currency only in 2011. This currency differs from other traditional currency types such as the US dollar, euro and sterling in that it is a so-called "crypto currency".

Unlike other currencies, there is no central bank that manages them and there is no fixed exchange rate. Bitcoin works exclusively through a peer-to-peer marketplace. Over the years Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity and a good reputation. Since 2014, thousands of online shops have opened for Bitcoin and offer the currency as a payment option. As part of this development, numerous online casinos now offer Bitcoin.

Why choose Bitcoin Casinos?

As a modern currency of the digital information age Bitcoin offers the possibility to have absolute control over the own bankroll. But there are other advantages that other payment methods can not offer. In principle, the lack of any obsolescence of money is one of the biggest advantages - both for the online casinos and for the players who choose Bitcoin casinos.

The reason for this is simply explained: There is no institution that can simply raise or freeze the funds, as sometimes happens when using traditional currencies. Incidentally, other methods of payment are much more expensive for Bitcoin online casinos: the processing fees can be quite substantial. Who uses Bitcoin, however, has to pay nothing or almost nothing to processing fees - unlike Skrill casinos, PayPal casinos, Neteller casinos, where you have to pay fees on deposits or withdrawals.

So if you use one of the Bitcoin casinos, you do not have to worry about annoying fees. This benefits both sides, because if online casinos make losses or incur additional costs, then you change the chances of winning, to the detriment of the users. Nevertheless, we recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully before signing up, as some casinos might still try to impose costs on players. This is especially true in US markets, where customers often have to give up to 10% of their payout winnings to the casino.

What To Keep In Mind When Transferring Bitcoins:

1. Secure eWallet

Bitcoin is an e-wallet and therefore very simple to use. Bitcoin makes it incredibly easy to conduct financial transactions. If you do all the transactions correctly, you are on the safe side with Bitcoin. However, you should always remember that you must follow certain rules to protect your information.

2. The Bitcoin price fluctuates dramatically

Because Bitcoin is still a relatively new currency, the price tends to move up and down quickly. Therefore, the company itself recommends not to create savings in Bitcoin. If you pay off profits, you should tend to invest them in a "real" currency.

3. You cannot undo payments with Bitcoin

One should always keep in mind that you can not undo or cancel transfers with Bitcoins. Bitcoins can only be returned by the online casinos where you have deposited them. Therefore, you should really carry your money only where you can find trustworthy partners.

4. Bitcoin is almost, but not completely anonymous

To ensure your own safety, you must never divulge your Bitcoin address in connection with other personal information. All bitcoin transactions are stored on a public network.

Make Deposits in Bitcoin Casinos

If you're considering using Bitcoin as a payment option, you may be confused at first about how the currency is used and how to make a deposit. To reassure you, it's easy! Once you've set up your Bitcoin account and selected the type of e-wallet you want to use through the official site, you can buy some bitcoins.

Once you have decided on a Bitcoin Casino, go here to the area for the deposits and enters his personal information. Normally you only have to fill in two fields: the field that asks for the sum of the deposits, and of course the one in which you enter your own Bitcoin address. You do not have to enter any other data otherwise Bitcoin does not work like credit or debit cards.

Instead, the funds from the Bitcoin account are transferred between the users through bitcoin addresses. These are characterized as number and number series; They have between 27 and 38 digits. Who decides to Bitcoin, so at least the own address, but also the address of the online casino know, in which you deposit (or from which you want to withdraw) would like.

Withdraw Cash from Bitcoin Casino

If you're lucky enough to get a big win, then you can easily make a payoff. Of course, to start the process, you have to go back to the payment page and fill out the fields with the Bitcoin address and the sum of the payments. The money will then be directed by the selected Bitcoin casino to its own Bitcoin account.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino

Digital Currency

Because bitcoins are just a virtual currency and are not considered a legal means of payment - nowhere in the world - users are given a lot of freedom to deal with it the way they want. If you only accept Bitcoin deposits in your casino, and only pay Bitcoin winnings, you can easily bypass casino licenses. In other words, anyone who uses Bitcoin does not legally execute any financial transactions. Gambling laws only regulate banks and payment service providers such as credit card companies. Since Bitcoin does not need these institutions, theoretically anyone can open an online casino.


Another advantage is that casino owners and players enjoy a very high level of privacy. Because the currency is not traceable, others can not tell where the payment is coming from.

Therefore, third parties can not access personal or financial information. The registration is also accelerated, because you no longer have to confirm his identity with identity card copies or other.


Especially players from countries where gambling is illegal have the big advantage that they are not in illegal zones.

Because gambling with Bitcoins is not regulated, even American users are allowed to gamble online (or, if you take it for granted, at least not prohibited).

Since most Bitcoin casinos do not even ask for the name or the address, the problem is unnecessary. However, it explains why the currency is so popular because it bypasses the usual hurdles of money transactions.

Transaction Times

After all, the biggest advantage is obvious: the transaction times are significant with bitcoins, both in deposits and withdrawals. Deposits can be automated so that players can instantly see the deposited value in their account and start playing.

With the payouts it runs similarly: although the casino owners still have to confirm the payout, but apart from that, the profit is immediately on the user's Bitcoin account. In traditional casinos this can take up to five business days.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Casino

Unregulated and maybe insecure

There are also disadvantages when playing in the Bitcoin casino. As already mentioned, there is no need for an official license to start a Bitcoin casino online.

This means that the Bitcoin casinos are unregulated and perhaps uncertain. Who then plays in the wrong casino and is the victim of a fraud, has no way to get his money back.

The currency fluctuates dramatically

In addition, the value of the currency varies from day to day. If today a Bitcoin was still worth € 1000, tomorrow it can be worth ten times or only a fraction of it. Again, this is not necessarily an advantage if you want to pick up your winnings and find that they have just halved in the stock market and you have absolutely not become rich.

Choose your Bitcoin Casino

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin's global presence has left a strong mark on the online gambling industry. For players from all over the world, this means that they are now able to easily deposit and withdraw their money, and most of all, anonymously. what are you waiting for? Take a look at the list of supported Bitcoin casinos on and find your favorite personal offer waiting for great winnings!

On this page I collected knowledge about the exciting crypto world, no technical frills, just information that helped me to find my entry. So if you're seeking a practical shortcut into the world of cryptocurrencies and how to make money trading them, this page might help you a lot to get started as quickly as possible.

For the next few years, Bitcoin is forecasting prices of 30,000 to 50,000, or even more. John McAfee, the programmer of the well-known anti-virus software, even sees the price at half a million over the next three years. In the meantime, cryptocurrencies are also becoming mainstream-compatible and the media which have recently been used in the usual o-tone: finger away, dangerous, risk, bubble, total loss etc .... warned, swing slowly around nice.

For us it would definitely make sense to own a few of these ominous things, because then it might not bother us in a few years, especially if the well-known pension and life insurances go bankrupt.

A Few Infos In Advance

Bitcoin can not be banned!

Governments are still partially trying, but it will not work if it is not possible to plug in over 40 million computers. Even the much-vaunted regulation will not be as the banks, governments and business magnates would like. Bitcoin is a people-to-people currency and was designed to give our money real value, instead of being manipulated by rulers for their own purposes.

The Bitcoin is cash 2.0

By the way: Do not confuse Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash (sometimes also called BCash) – the latter is trash.

In whatever form, over the next 5-10 years, blockchain technology will have abolished and replaced today's money. This may seem very strange to us, but the quiet cash abolition, dissolution of banking secret and the like, shows where it goes. Bitcoin is taking these things a long way, and sooner or later governments will have to go along with it, whether it suits them or not.

Of course, that's why millions and billions are being invested in blockchain technology, so they hope to win the race against time to program their own, controllable bank coin.

If you want to dive deeper here, his book "Bitcoin - Money without a State" is highly recommended.

The book is super easy written, without much to go into the technical background.

One reader wrote about the following recession:

With this book, my previous avoidance attitude to the topic Bitcoin opposite unfortunately could no longer be maintained.

Aaron Koenig knows how to start the curiosity and not let the tension thread break.
How did it come to Bitcoin, what is the philosophy behind it, responding to counter arguments - everything is presented in an entertaining way.
And then you want to absorb everything immediately in one night. Has not had this feeling for a long time.

Incidentally, you also get an excellent preparation of the Austrian School of Economics, which I have seen somewhere in such a short and concise form. Are Bitcoins now the entry into a change in the balance of power by building an alternative currency system? Can freedom-loving people create a new world of finance? Is there a peaceful disempowerment of the powerful by building a non-violent parallel universe with new blockchain technology?

Continuing employment with this technology of the future can no longer be avoided. Read more about it at

And so you know where the trip is going you should also watch this latest video from NTV.

Rarely have I heard such a public, clear statement about future price developments .... Worth seeing! No, actually absolute duty

Trading with coins

One of the best sources for new traders who don't have any experiences with trading yet is the ebook guide for altcoin trading newbies recommended by coinspeaker.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Bittrex is one of the largest trading centers for Altcoins, and almost every coin is tradable here. After logging in, you load up a bit on the local Bitcoin wallet, and then you're ready to go. And of course we should shop at low prices and sell at high prices.

But if you buy a few good coins for a small amount of money, you can easily wait until you have risen. Finding out which coins have this potential is quite another thing here.

On Coinmarketcap you can find all the coins and also the information about the website, the stock exchanges where they are tradable, the news, etc. The whitepaper should be read to find out about the purpose of the coin.

Anyone who can not or does not want to spend time here can, of course, get an overview in various FB groups or internet forums. But also here you should bring time.

Trading Signals

What do I buy? When do I buy and when do I sell?

The most important questions in general, because they decide on profit or loss. Although there are many info videos on chart analysis on YouTube, but who has no motivation here to spend hours learning and learning this work can also be left to the professionals and buy on various portals this info, then need only then implemented and look forward to the profits.

To always have a good overview of the courses and its coins, I recommend the same as 1000de others the free mobile app Blockfolio.

Remember also, of course, only with so much money to enter, as you could get over as a loss, because of course, the course can also go down times. There is no safety net here and we are responsible for what we do. But the return opportunity is higher.


Transaction Platforms

Bitcoin ServicesYet another improvement which has found many retailers joining the bit-coin area enmasse is the usage of the electronic money by obligations system suppliers. These firms provide organizations the capacity to readily take payments from clients with various means, including credit/bank cards and PayPal. What's promising for the crypto community is that they're also beginning to rollout bit coin solutions too. The retailer might not always have created the bit-coin performance survive their shops however, but a lot of them will have and more are sure to check out.

Probably the greatest news of 2014 in this area was so, in June, PayPal announced relationships with three leading bit-coin transaction cpus BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin. The shift indicates that on-line merchants will currently have the ability to take bit-coin via all three businesses through its pay-pal Obligations Center, a product which allows clients to take bank cards, cellular telephone company obligations as well as additional payment systems by way of one integration. Meanwhile there are also payment cards for BTC, read more here.

A special Bitcoin service is provided by Bitcoin mixers. Those platforms are used by people who intend to make their Bitcoin transactions unretracable. Learn more at BestBitcoinTumbler.

Well-known ecommerce system Shopify added a bit-coin transaction alternative because of its vendors in late 2013. Using a foundation of more than 70 70,000 online retailers, the amount of items that may possibly be bought with bit-coin abruptly enlarged considerably. Curiously, locating them just isn't presently quite simple, as the market site no more exists, yet there's a listing of 75 shops today taking BTC on their website.

Business-as-a-service remedies provider Electronic Water, a firm that prepared mo-Re than $30bn in on line dealings in 2013, declared in June it had been incorporating bit coin as a transaction alternative because of its on-line merchants. The offer is available these days to retailers utilizing the Mn-centered companys SWREG option for modest and midsized companies.

Likewise, Mollie, a obligations program in the Benelux area potentially exposed more than 10 10,000 merchants to BTC purchasers.

Trading BTC

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the most money is currently made by trading Bitcoin on online trading platforms, since most people rather see it as an investment than as something they want to use in their daily life. Although the technology is meant to be or become a global currency, mass adaption for that purpose is not that far yet. But for investors purposes that doesn't matter. It's the opposite: Now it's still the time to be among the early investors and traders as the relatively cheap price compared to what it could become in a couple of years and the high volatility make BTC and cryptocurrencies a very attractive asset. But new traders should understand that trading is dangerous and they should better prepare themselves by studying crypto trading in advance with the right handbook.

Purchasing Solutions With BTC

US satellite support supplier DISH Network announced that it is going to begin taking bitcoin repayments after in 2013. The Co-based firm is among the largest content suppliers in The United States, with over 14-million paytv clients. MEAL states bit-coin obligations is likely to be distributed around any or all clients who choose to make onetime repayments on beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2014. Nevertheless, it hasn't however shown an exact day. Once it will, it's going to become the largest business to take bit coin to day. Last yr MEAL System Company documented earnings of $13.9bn. The organization employs over than 30,000 workers.

Following its successful evaluation with bit-coin micro-payments supplier BitWall straight back in Feb, the Chicago Suntimes h-AS declared that it joined with San Fran-based btc start-up Coinbase to take bit-coin repayments for subscribers. The statement makes the Suntimes the primary US paper to take bit coin as a transaction alternative.

A house entries website in the United States provides a reduction to users who promote on the website and spend in bitcoin. The entries website, called RentHop, is supplying landlords and agents who promote qualities in Ny a price reduction of as many as 60% whenever they cover their advertisements in bit-coin. RentHop clients spend for advertising with breaks bought from the website.

Think about spending money on instruction with bit-coin? Orlando, Fl-centered on-line interactive instruction expert Tree-House today takes bit coin for its membership internet style and webdevelopment instruction solutions. The company, which to day elevated $24.6m through six funding models, features 70,000 pupils who utilize the system to discover useful skills in dialects and applications such as Android, Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, Espresso, jQuery, iOS and Ruby, amongst the others.

And in the event you're trying to find pals or love, ok cupid, the match-making website, started taking bit coin repayment manner in April 2013, which makes it an exceptionally early-adopter as much as big companies proceed. With four-million consumers as of 2013, ok cupid is portion of IAC, a press and Web organization whose properties include, Vimeo and While ok cupid boasts of being totally free, in addition, it provides an 'Alist' premium registration that provides additional attributes which is often compensated in crypto currency.

The many dangerous international sorority of amazing pinup ladies that actually existed is today taking bit coin for its account subscribers. SuicideGirls is a well-known mature-crafted network that expenses it self as a party of choice life styles and feminine authorization. Some 2,624 SuicideGirls supply pictures, movie and weblog posts to the web site. Additionally, the bigger brand h-AS enlarged from photos and movie to contain witty guides, mags and novels from way back its start in 2001.

Another Bitcoin branch is the field of investment services and loans. Bitcoin loans are a young branch and has to improve reliablity and grow a user base of honest borrowers and investors, but then Bitcoin lending could become a very interesting opportunity for many people instead of asking a bank.

Internet / Technology Services

Not surprisingly to get a motion which requires a good little bit of practical knowhow, bit-coin received lots of assistance from your on the web providers community. Serves particularly are eager to supply your internet site or host a property online as a swap for BTC.

The bitcoin wiki has a great listing. WordPress is among the many visible and popular websites, and can provide you with a blogging existence on the internet for defrayal in crypto currency. You may also visit BitcoinCodes to purchase breaks for Vapor, Spotify, Xbox Live, PlayStation Community and AirVPN. Namecheap takes bitcoin immediately as payment for site providers. In the event that you'd like slightly more seclusion on-line, a few VPN (digital personal community) suppliers now take only bit-coin after being clogged by creditors and PayPal.

BTC Markets And Auctions Online

Online markets are yet another strategy to invest bit-coins. They may be efficiently clearing homes that empower one to market goods to someone else.

All of it began with Cotton Street, an subterranean market that empowered individuals to market illegal products and solutions utilizing bit-coin. The site, just reachable through the Tor anonymous searching method, capitalized about the currencys skill to ease anonymous trades (in the event that you understand what youre do-ing).

Cotton Road got power down in Oct 2013 and quickly 'came back' a month after. If this is perhaps not your sport, there tend to be mo Re valid bit-coin areas where you are able to invest your coins. A lot are nevertheless in the fledgling period and possess a restricted variety of products to offer, although.

Bitcoin Marketplace and Cryptothrift are just two type-powered websites, although sparsely inhabited. Flibbr lets you lookup outlined products by name. gives a subthread called Bitmarket, which allows individuals to list their products as Reddit posts.

There are several other, professional websites showing up. BitPremier may sell your high end luxury items for bit-coins, having an escrow support. It h-AS a remarkable assortment of highend entries including luxurious automobiles, yachts, condominiums, collectibles, and artworks. There's actually an isle on the market.

The Baidu search engine has gently eliminated advertisements for Bitcoin and all other types of digital money from its internet service. China is one of the 2 states with the biggest BTC industry, indicating a growing wariness in the growth of online fraudsters.

The countrys most well-known search engine suspended crypto currency advertising from Thursday, based on local deals OKCoin and Huobi. Huobi Ceo Leon Li and OKCoins Jiang Anming, an associate of its own research engine advertising group, individually supported the prohibition to Bloomberg News. The firm declined to comment.

Baidu has endured a storm of public criticism recently overpaid advertisements offering everything from gaming sites to non-traditional medical treatments, the latter attributed for the passing of a medical student in 2013. The prohibition also represents established opinion. An example of the banned ad networks can be found here.

While China is the reason over 90 per cent of world-wide bit-coin trading, its main bank has stated its not a genuine money. The Peoples Bank of China, which will be examining the the chance of providing its own digital money, has taken measures to avoid bit-coin from getting established in the economic climate.

Read more about bitcoin trading on this page.

Maybe it's a forerunner to China being able to drive to get a much more nationalized method of digital monies, stated Zennon Kapron, managing director of Shanghai-based consulting company Kapronasia. It is also an instance of consumer-protection as there there were instances of scams targeting consumers more susceptible to high risk trading.

Electronic monies gained visibility together with the growth of bit-coin, which can be found with high powered computers and works using a distributed journal which has the repayment background of every circulation. Financial organizations are testing with that underlying technologies but-its unpredictability -- and episodes like the highly-publicized coughing of Hong Kong bit-coin exchange Bitfinex -- have created specialists cautious of its own high risk naturel.

The Oriental central-bank arranged up an investigation staff in 2014 to analyze electronic monies and programs. It mentioned in Jan its consulted specialists from Citigroup Inc. and Deloitte LLP, although it didnt define what engineering it might be utilizing to concern its electronic money or how it might operate in connection to the yuan.

Traditional ad systems like Adsense aren't affected by the ban as long as the ads don't include any cryptocurrency terms.