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Smite MOBA Review

Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It's similar to the well-known and very successful games "League of Legends" or "Dota 2", but you look at the action here from a third-person perspective. To play you need a personal account that levels up even if you play frequently. Your own level has no influence on the InGame level of the individual game rounds.

The object of the game is to form a team of gods to fight and defeat other teams of gods. This is done in an arena or on other maps, where your team destroys the enemy base or reduces their points to zero. In each game round, you can also buy items from gold (the in-game currency in the game) to gain an advantage over your opponent.

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Within the team, each player controls a god he could choose beforehand. Here you have the choice between seven different mythologies and five different classes. However, only the gods that you have earned through in-game points or that are currently in free rotation can be selected. The free rotation is a weekly changing selection of gods that is freely available to any player during that time.

As far as merchandising is concerned, there are no books or anything else - but there are clothes such as T-shirts that can be bought at events and on the Internet.

Pedagogical evaluation

This assessment was written by young testers and supplemented by the editorial staff. For beginners there is a tutorial at the beginning, which has to be done to play the right modes. This tutorial explains each map and how to play it, and how to use it all. This is pretty good, because otherwise you would be thrown into the game without basic knowledge. It is generally easier for beginners if they have already had experience with other MOBAs.

Control and graphics

You control the character with the keys WASD, you have the possibility to jump with the space bar and on the keys from 1 to 4 you have your abilities - but you can also change this in the options. Running on WASD is common for PC games controlled by keyboard. The skills are more cumbersome to use because you have to grab with your hand - that means you have to take your fingers off the run keys to cast spells, for example.

  • Smite is supported by Unreal Engine 3
  • Graphically the game is quite well equipped and also the sound is fitting.
  • The game music accompanies you the whole time. In the arenas there are invisible walls, so that you cannot shorten or get off the map.
  • This has no negative factors, as they are simply embellishments at the edge of the map.

Game modes

In the game you have five different game modes that are always fixed and one mode that changes regularly - this is usually a fun mode. The game runs in real time and of course you can't pause the round you are in, otherwise it would also have to be paused for the other players.

So you have a continuous flow of play and a slight time pressure, so you can't take a break during a round as the game continues. So it's difficult to take a little break when you just don't feel like it or don't have time.

Motivation and fascination

Smite (see also offers a lot of variety with the different modes and the different gods and no fight is the same. Since you have to stand up to others permanently, you have the motivation to be better than the others. Another motivation is the general interest in MOBAs and third-person games, as "Smite" is the perfect mixture of both. Another reason could be that there is a certain moment of tension in fights, because it goes in this blow after blow and the player must keep fast reactions and a good overview. The atmosphere tends to be tense as you have to concentrate almost all the time. But there are also moments when there is a relatively good and relaxed atmosphere. And not to be underestimated is the joy when your own team was able to defeat your opponents.

Communication is everything

The player has to plan ahead a lot and communicate well with his fellow players, for example to plan the cooldown of the opponent's abilities and to decide the fight for himself. You also need to keep an eye on your opponents' different movements/actions to know whether they are making a gold mine or "visiting" an ally of your team, for example. Communication therefore plays a major role.

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